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Classes will resume May 12th at Heskett!

We will continue to use Heskett for May/June 2018 & conclude our semester with our scheduled performances at Bedford High School. 

We will return to Ellenwood in August to begin Nutcracker.

There are a few blackout dates again at Heskett that will interrupt our normal dance calendar, and will affect pricing. I will post the calendar & pro-rated tuition shortly.



Ellenwood closed for 2-3 months! (Update from 01/31/18)

*Update as of 04/27/18: Ellenwood closed until August

Hey everyone, here's the deal:

Ellenwood is closing for 2-3 months for asbestos abatement...so we cannot go back to class there in Feb. We WILL go back there by May though to finish the semester through the end of June.

Since they gave me this news quite recently, I've been working on finding a place to use this month. I've put in a permit to use the Bedford schools, but it will take some time to get approval.

Where we are now: permit is still not approved officially. Most likely we'll use the Heskett stage Feb-Apr. BUT, at this point it probably won't happen by Monday for our Feb. 5th start date. So, most likely we'll push back our start date a bit. I'll post updates as soon as I find out! Check back on this page or in the Facebook group: 


Ughhh. In the meantime, watch the Lion King and learn about your characters!😀 And do your splits kids!

Email me if you have any questions/comments:



See you all soon...ish!