Review the policies for our dance school.

Financial Responsibilities:

Workshop & Production Fees: Audition workshops are $180: $20 for each dance class day (Mon/Tues/Wed totaling $60) & $120 for the “Production Fee.” Note that ticket prices for pre-sale have increased from $10 to $12. This production fee covers costume use and gives you 10 ($12) tickets to then sell (or gift) to friends & family. If you sell all 10 tickets, you make back your production fee!

Monthly Tuition: Tuition & fees are non-refundable. Monthly class tuition is due by the Friday following the first Monday of classes for that month. For example, February 2018's tuition is due by Friday, February 9th AT THE LATEST. If you forget to send a check with your child, you can always make a payment online at Late payments will be charged a $15 late fee. If a payment is still not received by the 15th of the month, the student will not be permitted to attend class until their account is caught up. If their account is still not in good standing by the 30th of the month, the student will be removed from that semester’s performance.

CMB Cast Member Expectations

Rehearsal attire: All dancers should come to EVERY CLASS & REHEARSAL in dress code. This includes tights, leotard (any color), ballet shoes, & hair in a bun. Ballet skirts or form-fitting shorts may be worn. Warm-up attire (legwarmers, sweaters, etc.) may be worn over tights and leotards, but when the director believes the dancers are warm enough, they will ask the dancer to remove them. Boys should also wear what they would wear to ballet class, including form-fitting, solid-colored tops and bottoms with appropriate shoes. DRESS UP DAYS will be posted on schedule when there are days to wear something special, which isn’t required, just fun!

Attendance: It is expected that every cast member attend every rehearsal. Conflicts that were noted on audition forms or emailed may or may not be excused. If you will miss MORE THAN TWO rehearsals, your role may be in jeopardy. It is CMB’s mission to teach children what it takes to become a professional performer. Commitment and dedication are essential in this very competitive industry. We, of course, understand that children are not yet professionals, but we intend on upholding a professional atmosphere and will not cater to those who are not committed to their dance training. We have very little rehearsal time and each day is important. Please make rehearsals and technique classes a priority.

ATTENDANCE EACH NIGHT OF TECH WEEK AND EVERY PERFORMANCE IS MANDATORY. Please check choir concert, band concert, and exams schedules as soon as possible to confirm your ability to participate. This will be June 25th-30th.

At-home review: Choreography and lessons often aren’t retained in busy dancers’ minds from week-to-week. Sometimes, rehearsal choreography will be posted in the Facebook group. This is an incredibly useful tool, please take advantage and review choreography, especially if you are absent from a rehearsal. However, please keep this page private and do not share rehearsal footage on your own timelines.

Closed rehearsals: All classes & rehearsals are closed, which means parents, family and friends are not permitted into the studio to watch. This is to ensure we have a QUIET, distraction free environment for the dancers. We have tried open classes before, and it was just too loud. If you’d really like to see your child’s progress in class, email me and we can discuss.

Attitude: It is very important to CMB staff that each dancer has a positive experience, regardless of what part they have. Every dancer needs to come to rehearsal with a positive attitude, open mind, and do their part to contribute to the friendly atmosphere.

Volunteering: As a small non-profit, we rely on the help of volunteers. Please help us continue to provide these opportunities for your children by signing up for a volunteer position for our performances! We can’t do it without you and appreciate your support!

Questions: As a small company, I do not yet have the capability to maintain regular office hours. I will do my best to answer all questions & concerns, but please be patient & understand that I cannot have lengthy conversations during class & rehearsal time with parents. As one class is ending, another is scheduled to start and I cannot take that time away from students who are waiting to learn. The best way to contact me is by email: You can also text or call me at 216-414-4359 Mon/Wed/Fri 10am-4pm. We have a Facebook page where I post studio news, as well as a “studio group page” where you can ask other studio parents & kids questions. This is a great resource we can all use: (A link to the group is here too.) Thanks for understanding!


A few notes about our school:

  • Cleveland Modern Ballet is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. Your tuition/fees/merchandise purchases are invested back into the organization to keep ballet growing in our community and create better opportunities for our students!
  • Sibling tuition is always 50% off and parents dance free, to encourage active, healthy families!
  • Costumes are provided for all students to use during performances.
  • Pointe work requires at least 2 classes/week to gain the necessary strength and is typically for girls ages 11 & up. This class is invite only.