Stretch Every Day!

We have Pinterest boards to help you stay in dancer shape during breaks! Here's our board dedicated to stretching: **

[image: arabesque.jpg]It's important for dancers to stretch every day. Good news! Looks like a few 15 second stretches can be just as effective as holding for a full minute, according to Kids - How Long to StretchA study done amongst a relatively small sample size of thirteen healthy 13-15 year olds examined the effect of four different stretching protocols. (3) All protocols lasted 60 seconds:

  1. one stretch of 60 seconds duration
  2. two stretches of 30 second duration
  3. four stretches of 15 second duration
  4. 12 stretches of five second duration

Measurements were made of hip flexion, extension, abduction, knee flexion and ankle dorsiflexion.

Results showed that there were no significant differences between the stretching protocols. One 60 second stretch was as effective as 12 five second, four 15 second, or two 30 second stretches. If you have a child in this age group asking how long to stretch, generally, 15-30 seconds is adequate, provided there are no injuries or underlying conditions.

Jenni HankeyComment